Dai Bon means "for the Greater Good"

Dai Bon means "died and born again in Lord Jesus


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[Chairman Mr J Kwon] 

With more than 35 years experience in import-export international trading business and manufacturing industry between Korea, China and Europe, Jay is the founder of DaiBon UK. He is responsible for Golf Academy, Tour agency business of DaiBon UK

Jay is a golf enthusiast and professional golf teacher. 

[Company Secretary Mrs S Choi-Kwon] 

With more than 30 years experience in education and hospitality industry,. She is responsible for hospitality business and international education consulting business part of DaiBon UK.

Sarah likes creating a new cooking recipe for family and customers; and enjoys helping young people to succeed in their studies and careers in their future.

[CEO Mr S Kwon]
The Lighthouse Towns sustainable R&D,
E-commerce & Infra-structure

BA in Management Birkbeck College University of London.

APMG International in PPP Specialist


Sean is a Korean British professional in facilitation and business development with a focus on import-export, large-scale real estate and infrastructure investment deals. 

As a British citizen living in both London and Seoul, He has a 10 year track record in international real estate and PE investment consulting sector. eg. He was involved in € 11.5bn Euro LNG infrastructure investment deal between Cyprus and South Korea in 2013. 


He  had worked in real estate agency, international boutique PE fund, start-up restaurant, a retail bank and forex brokerage in sales/business development roles.

Most recently he became a shareholder/investor to a global music platform start-up for independent artists www.syncrmusic.com, based in London UK.

He is currently developing a smart town project for developing countries as R&D centre based in Seoul, South Korea under the UN WeGov Smart City organisation http://we-gov.org/corporations/

Sean also has founded and manages a Christian-faith based community social enterprise www.christar.productions;

He is a keen runner and fitness enthusiast
(completed 26.2miles London Marathon 2016).